Leadership Coach

In the simplest form of definition, leadership is influence. This is a one-to-one service for leaders or executives designed to bring about more effective, healthier teams and organisations. When you as a leader improve your performance, the benefits spread throughout your sphere of influence. 


In a sense, exposing Leaders to a coaching experience creates a domino effect throughout the organisation that breeds a coaching culture.

When you as a coachable leader start to apply the new-found skills and techniques to your team, improved communication cascades down the organisation.  As a result, Leadership coaching can be viewed as a passing on of a set of skills used by a leader on a day-to-day basis that enhances the performance of their people and the organisation as a whole.


Individually Tailored

Leadership coaching is individualised and specifically tailored to the person.

In most leadership coaching situations, the real objective is to help successful people become even more effective. My responsibility to you is to emphasise your unique talents and abilities as well as emphasise your potential.

It’s about challenging the clients and helping you develop behaviour that is congruent to the person you must become to reach the goals you have set. It’s about encouraging you to be open to change, to step-up, and to be a more responsible corporate citizen(s). Not surprisingly, leadership coaching improves the bottom line.

At an individual level, the leader often uses my service as a master-mind or confidential thinking partner.


While leadership coaching can cover any number of issues, below are some areas that senior personnel have sought my coaching for:

  • Improve time management skills

  • Effective delegation

  • develop a more effective leadership style or manner

  • improve interpersonal or communication skills

  • speed up personal development

  • manage “difficult” people

  • create work / life balance

  • sharpen presentation and networking skills

  • engage in career development & planning

  • learn how to have crucial conversations and deal with conflict and learn conflict-management skills

  • strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being


Do you need Coaching or Therapy?

To be able to make a well-informed decision, the table below clearly shows the significant and sometimes contrasting differences between therapy and coaching. These differences better highlight the strengths of coaching.