Business Coaching

I have been selling since I was a 10-years-old. Developed superior people skills selling as a professional since 2005 to 2007/8 working in the financial services industry where I trained over 250 agents in two years. My business partner who also happens to be my wife and I went on to set up a business consultancy service where we served over 2000 business owners start and grow their businesses.


Within the same period, I acquired the skills necessary to build a profitable property portfolio that continues to grow in both value and profit and have also helped many of our clients, employees and friends get in the property ladder.


I have learnt that selling is not about what you are offering the client but rather a value determination process whereby you have the privilege of helping your client discover how your products and services can help them solve their problem and fulfil their desires based on their value sets rather than your need for the sale.


My passion is to help you focus on creating, developing, marketing and selling products and services that your customers actually want to buy. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs in search of somebody who will understand your strengths, weaknesses and the inherent loneliness often associated with founding and growing a successful company, you are in the right place.  

Business coaching is NOT life coaching. It’s about helping real business owners grow real businesses as a result of discovering breakthroughs and implementing proven best-practice systems and processes, many of which are often too complex and difficult to implement without proper coaching and mentorship.

However, working with the business owner or MD always simplifies the approach and maximises the ROI


7 Reasons why all Business Owners ought to consider Business Coaching:

  • You are good at what you do but need to improve your results: All professional sportsmen and women have performance coaches in their field, a Business Coach fulfils a similar function. As your COACH, I am there to support and challenge you. I will help you set targeted goals, hold you accountable, demand your best, push you to get results, and also be there to celebrate with you and your team for getting results.

  • Your business owns you - If you are committed to start taking back some of the hours that you have invested in the business and get superior results then Business Coaching can help.

  • Your bottom line does not justify your effort and input – You have worked hard for years but cannot truly show factual results of your hard work. I help my clients stay focused on most valuable actions, develop new products and services for existing clientele. The results are normally increased asset valuation, profit margins, process optimisation saving time among other benefits. In other words, FREEDOM.

  • You have to babysit your business or else! – For most SME owners, they started a business but realise they actually own a job. Unless a business can run without its owner, its rather a job than a REAL Business. Coaching will help you to put in the LEAN business processes including leadership, sales management processes and outsourcing where necessary. Make the business serve you while you focus on doing what you love.

  • You have lost drive and desire for your business – Doing the same thing every day can be boring. Many business owners are in this spot. Business Coaching will help you reignite passions for your business as well as redevelop your vision, mission and goals for the Business

  • You recognise the need to grow yourself - Investing in yourself is what will make your business deliver the freedom you desire. As your Coach I work with you to improve targeted aspects that will improve performance. I provide one-to-one support and motivation to achieve and build upon current results. With ROI as the focus, a professional relationship with you helps maximise deliver measurable results.

  • You have lost compass and direction – You are more likely to have biases about your business performance and goals. Working with a coach is like having a fresh pair of eyes looking at for the hidden opportunities that you are blind to. Perception is everything. I will help you regain the clarity you need to see your “destination” clearly.


Business Relationship Coaching

Productive businesses require effective relationships. Business relationship coaching can include workplace relationships such as manager to employee, peer to peer, between corporate divisions, between teams, as well as customer and vendor relationships.