Behold The Magic Wand of Nailing the Appointment or Date!!(The FORM System)

As children, we are exposed to many fairy tales that make us believe in the world of possibility & magic... like Aladdin🧞‍♂️

Even as grown-ups, well told tales never fails to captivate out attention. The idea that there might just be a tool, a word or phrase that will make dreams come true or get people to say yes to a proposal or better yet, a number that will win the jackpot etc etc… the magic wand never fails to take us in to the imaginary world of what if!

Would you agree that it’s important to cultivate the skills necessary to make the clients dreams seem possible? Are you aware that people buy experiences more than the products? That it’s the fantasy that has magic rather than the reality...

Now imagine I was a fairy godfather and I told you I can give you a magic key  that unlocks peoples hearts to you instantly, how much would you pay for it?

Unfortunately I am not a fairy godfather, neither do I have the magic key BUT😉I have a gift for you that is worth your time and effort. If you persist in practicing the tool I am about to share with you, it is equivalent to a magic wand in the world of sales especially in client acquisition.

Let’s get started... by the way, did I tell you I have 4 amazing kids😍and I love my wife all the way to heaven and back... how about you, do you have a Family...

I love helping people to solve business/financial & relationship problems... it’s just another way of saying I love to listen to others... how about you, what do you do/ what’s your Occupation... what 3 things would you change if you could... & if money wasn’t a problem, what would you be doing?

I am curious, are you into sports at all? What do you do for fun/Recreation? I am asking because you seem as if you work out💪🏽😲

I am glad that we met, and thank you very much for sharing. Regarding your statement earlier about your current financial situation, were you serious about what you said? If there was a way I could help you solve some of your business/ financial or relationship challenges you are currently facing, would you be open for a coffee/tea so we can explore this further?

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In the next post, I will break down the system for you, in the mean time do some work & see if you can understand it... good luck.

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