Selling is Love 🤔

Over the weekend I received a letter from  Ajit Nawalkha of evercoach, that made me think... Equating selling to love seems like a far fetched idea, don’t you think? But considering that it’s our perception that shapes our realities, let’s entertain the possibility. 

This idea carries with it the possibility of liberating a sales person who feels as if they are a serial lier as well as changing the perception of a buyer towards the sales person. 

I hope you get some value from this... let me know what you think!

Selling is presented as a bad word. We feel icky when we think about sales. Images of snake oil salesman or used car salesperson pop in our minds, making us feel crap about ourselves when we are selling.

If you really understand sales you will know that some of the best salespeople are most loved.

Steve Jobs was loved. He was amazing at selling the idea of better technology and design.

Gandhi was loved. He was amazing at selling the idea of freedom.

They are not seen as salespeople because they lead with LOVE.

Sales is love.”

If you have ever sold anything especially at the beginning of your sales journey, I know for a fact that this letter resonates with you especially first part.

But as you can attest to the idea, some of the “most loved & respected” individuals made their name by the area of persuasive selling. 

As you begin this week, work on your self image as a loved and much appreciated sales person, you can use this affirmation to help you remain confident that you are worthy of 💖 love.

“I am so happy and grateful now that I love serving my clients and in return they pay and recommend me to others continuously”

Bring to mind an individuals that you admire, how did they influence you to buy or what did they sell you? Now take a few minutes and think where you have excelled as a sales person in the past (you definately have), tap into that positive energy and Go Make your clients/ customers/ spouse/ fiance/ kids fall in love with you all over again!!!

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