The 3 i’s of Selling:

Identify your prospect - Here is where you break the ice. If possible, learn about the client in advance. Due diligence will help you prepare and customise your message according to the clients needs, wants & preferences. As a professional, make it your MUST to gain as much information as possible in advance about the customer. Look out for the BEST KEPT secret for gaining trust by asking question like a pro withiut interogating the customer. This KEYS will unlock the world of continour referalls. F.O.R.M.

Interact / Interest - connecting with the client to make sure that you understand their needs in the deepest level possible. Curate your product or service to suit their personality and personal construct using their language. 

Having done your research about the client and how your product or service will meet their need, use the “language of benefit” to explain your solutions. How better will the prospect’s life be by using your product? How will your solution benefit the company in the short and longterm? Do the emotional benefit create enough logical reason for them to spend the money you are asking for? 

Influence - Presenting your solution to meet the needs you have uncovered during the interaction with them. At the point of mastery, you should be able to get your client to a safe landing with joy that they had a chance to speak with you. They are looking forward to get the service or product into test drive. Make sure you stay in touch often to ensure a smooth transition. 

To avoid buyer remorse, underpromise and over deliver even if it will cost you in the short term. Create the best customer service experience as you can. It’s the experience that we buy, make it memorable!!

Happy selling.

Ernest Gikuma1 Comment